On the Status of LED lighting

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It is understood that: global advocate low-carbon life, LED lighting carbon reduction become the era of "Beloved." LED is a new generation of green light, its high brightness, low heat, long life, environmental protection, etc., are known as the 21st century, the most green lighting. However, China LED outdoor lighting technology content is not high, upper, middle and downstream industry chain binding is not in place, the core technology at a low stage of development. For a more complete understanding of the present situation and development trend of LED outdoor lighting, we learned Cheung, president of photoelectric crown views on the LED lamps lighting. Here's a look at analysis of obstacles crown Cheung, president of photoelectric LED lighting industry and difficulties of existence:

(1) Technical fragmentation

According G3 Roundup: Key factors LED outdoor lighting industry's performance in the instability of the power supply system, technical epitaxial wafers and chips on the immature, at the same time, LED technology is also more reflected in the system design, structural design, thermal processing , these technologies affect the quality of LED outdoor lighting products, applications, while Chinese enterprises to master these technologies is not high.

(2) high price

LED is a new technology product, its outdoor lighting products will be subject brightness, antistatic ability, wavelength, leakage current, light angle, longevity, LED chip, chip size, colloid affect their quality and performance. Meanwhile, LED outdoor lighting product prices due to the production of different materials vary.

(3) LED landscape lighting without a unified plan

Many cities use LED landscape lighting is poor, mainly for its improper control of light and color, change the flashing frequency instability, causing night dazzling, will make the original beautiful "night" lose their style, the residents Night life and even interfere with traffic.

(4) Our LED outdoor lighting market confusion

China's LED lighting business has formed a certain scale. With the development of LED lighting industry, many companies added R & D production, but the truth is not clear technology to copy, follow the trend of "bad habits" chaos of the LED lighting market, but also because without strict produce a lot of "junk" products, rendering quality poor, low technology content, which leads to vicious competition throughout the LED industry.

With China's economic development, people's environmental awareness increased year by year, without ultraviolet and infrared radiation, low-calorie green LED lighting will be eligible for all ages. LED in the next decade is still the protagonist of the lighting industry sources, which by virtue of energy-saving, reliable, long life, light color and diverse, simple, low pollution, light, etc., ranking first in outdoor lighting.

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